Liberty Baptist Church will be conducting only online services until Sunday 5th December when we will open to all people, vaccinated and unvaccinated, with 2sqm social distancing.

We will not be opening on 17 October, because the idea of church being limited to just the vaccinated is unbiblical.

Unfortunately, neither are we able to open on 24 October, when 80% of eligible people are fully vaccinated, because even though the unvaccinated are then permitted to attend, the 4sqm social distancing restriction makes it impractical for us.

Due to the ongoing renovation of our main auditorium, we are confined to the Gymnasium for our main service. The 4sqm rule would limit numbers to 20 in the main service.

With so few permitted to attend, we will instead continue online-only until Sunday 5th December. We will then be permitted 40 in our main service, 30 in the Farsi service (downstairs Room 2), and 15 in the children’s class (downstairs Room 3). With a second service in the afternoon, we are hopeful this will enable everyone to attend one service.  

We look forward to opening up and seeing you all in person again!

Our main services are held on Sundays at 9.30 am and 4.30 pm at the Senior Citizen’s Centre at the corner of North Rocks Rd and Farnell Ave Carlingford.

We have English and Farsi language services running concurrently on Sunday mornings. The whole church gathers at 9.30 am.

Then at about 10 am the Farsi language service moves to the adjacent Don Moore Centre.

Also at 10 am the children move to their Sunday School classes.

The services and classes are typically finished by 11 am when everybody is welcome back to the Seniors Centre to fellowship and enjoy tea, coffee, cakes and fruit.

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