Coronavirus Update

We are a registered COVID SAFE organization. Please wear a mask. Government physical distancing requirements permit us to have 65 people in the Seniors Centre, 35 people in the Gym, 14 people in the Sunday School room, 7 people in the Preschool/Nursery room, and 51 people at our Tuesday meetings at St Stephens, Merrylands.

Our Sunday morning Carlingford service is at 9.30 am, children’s Sunday School at 10 am, afternoon Bible class at 1 pm, and afternoon service at 4.30 pm. Bible study resumes from 15/12/20 on Tuesdays 7-9pm at St Stephens, corner of Monitor and Merrylands Rd, Merrylands.  

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan will be implemented at all gatherings, including social distancing, hand sanitising, cleaning of hard surfaces, safe food preparation, attendee record keeping, and exclusion of anyone who is unwell. 

Children’s Sunday School classes are now face-to-face and will no longer be online. 

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