Your help is needed for the upcoming NSW State Election. It is a narrow race for the 21 seats in the NSW Upper House. For the past 8 years, The Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC and The Hon Paul Green MLC have held the balance of power in the NSW Legislative Council.

As representatives of the Christian Democratic Party, these men have allowed us to keep Christian values in the NSW Parliament. Their vote has often been the deciding vote on important pieces of legislation.

The Christian Democratic Party is unique being the only Christian values party sitting within an Australian parliament.

With the legal system beginning to reflect an increasingly secular world, churches need a voice to protect our religious freedoms and our ability to preach openly.

The CDP has played a major role in ensuring Special Religious Education (SRE) remains in our schools, addressing the spiritual well-being of children throughout NSW schools. The CDP has also been a strong campaigner against the Safe Schools Program.

The CDP platform is to uphold a free and democratic society with freedom of speech, the rule of law and stable constitutional government, to support and strengthen the family unit as the basis of our society, and to stand for legislation based on biblical ethics and integrity, with Australian laws based on the Judeo-Christian ethic and not on any other religious laws.

Pastor Keith Piper will be running as a CDP candidate for the electorate of Granville and needs volunteers to hand out how-to-vote cards at election booths  on election day. Please speak to Pastor Piper if you are able to assist.




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